CMFRI to support cage farming with subsidies and training

Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute has initiated a major project that envisages implementing 500 cage fish farming units in Kerala. The initiative is supported by the National Fisheries Development Board in Hyderabad with subsidy and technical support to the farmers to conduct cage fish farming across the coastal districts in the State. Under the programme, 40 per cent of the total expense will be given as subsidy to the farmers who can conduct farming individually or in groups. Women and those from the SC/ST category will get 60 per cent subsidy.

The project was formally launched in Nettoor in Ernakulam district by stocking 1,500 and 500 each fingerling of sea bass and pearl spot into four cages. The institute will also provide training in cage fish farming to the fishermen registered with Kerala Fishermen’s Welfare Fund Board.

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